A pleasure day on Chew Valley Lake

31 05 2015

Last week Welsh International Chris Jones and I made the journey over the seven bridge to Chew Valley Lake, after speaking to some friends who had fished Chew just days before reporting the fishing had been tricky and they were struggling to get a few fish to the boat Chris and I were expecting a tough days fishing. We arrived at the fishery and saw there was a barely a ripple on the lake, a mild feel in the air and overcast skies, perfect conditions in my book! Being a puller at heart I set up a Airflo Sixth Sense Fast Glass fly line with around 22ft of 8lb Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon with 3 flies attached to the leader spaced 10ft, 6ft and another 6ft to the point. On the top dropper I had one of my good friend’s Kieron Jenkins new blobs called the Merlot Blob, this gives a great silhouette in the water and is not bight and flashy so it does not put many fish off, in the middle again one of Kieron’s patterns but this time one of his cormorant patterns, his mirage cormorant pattern to be precise and one of my own cutthroat cat booby on the point, Chris also had a similar set up. Once we got on to the water we pulled about 20 feet off the jetty and just let the boat drift down the middle of the lake, Chris was in nearly straight away on his 3rd cast his line went tight on the hang a lovely little chew rainbow came to the net.

chris playing a fish on chew

We both took fish through the middle of the lake and decided we would try something different so we switched to the nymphs and looked for the better fish, so I set up a 3ft Airflo Super Dri Midge tip with 18ft of 7lb Fulling Mill World Class Fluorocarbon and 4 flies spaced 6ft from the fly line then 4ft,4ft and another 4ft to the point, the flies were a Black holographic Diawl Bach in the middle and then 2 more plain diawl bachs and one of Kieron’s abortion cormorant boobies on the point to hold the Diawls up in the water column, within a few casts the line shot out of my hand and I was in to one of Chew’s resident rainbows, after a few hard and powerful runs I was able to pull the fish’s head up and skim it across the top and in to the net another bonus of the Fulling Mill Fluorocarbon is the strength of it is unbelievable as a competition angler I can bully the fish in with complete trust in my leader.

me playing a fish on chewchew rainbow on nymphs

As the day got on we swapped between nymphing and pulling and we landed around 50 fish to the boat including a stonking perch well in excess of 2lb and probably closer to 3 and a brownie on the nymphs was a nice surprise too.

chew perchchew brown

I hope chew continues to fish as well throughout the rest of the season, I would highly recommend that you go and fish Chew, even if you’re a novice the rangers are always willing to point you in the right direction and you always get a warm welcome at Chew.

If you are still unsure about going afloat for the first time I would advise that you book a day’s fishing with England international John Horsey, you will have a tremendous day with John and will be hooked on boat fishing, contact John via email john@johnhorsey.co.uk

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Llandegfedd on tip top ?

29 08 2012

Last Sunday saw me hit Llandegfedd with Angling Ace and good friend, Online Marketing Manager at BVG Airflo, Kieron Jenkins – His blog – Ronsfishing. I left my house at 8.30 Am to be in Kie’s house but 9.15.

Arriving at his house Kieron was packing up his car and everyone that knows Kieron we had to stop for breakfast so after a full English we popped over to Llandegfedd. WE parked at the top of the first fishing jetty and carried our fishing tackle on to the boat, tackling up in the comfort and tranquillity of Llandegfedd.

We both opted to fish the new Airflo Ridge supple impact mini tips, the 6ft Fast intermediate tip and slow inter tip. These airflo lines are perfect for holding depth and give the angler the choice of dropping his flies through the water column to hopefully find the fishes feeding zone. The Fast Glass tip is ideal for the weather we’ve been having recently, the constantly changing pressure means the fish switch on and off, the temperamental temperature also makes them drop and rise in the water column. The FG tip can be kept high or dropped low depending on their feeding habits.

About second cast Kieron’s 6ft fast glass sink tip locked up, a good scrap and a few jumps within seconds the fish hit the back of the net a fine looking stocked fish of around 1 3/4 lb. Next cast my slow glass tip locked up with another stocked fish which unfortunately came off at the net. Kieron took two more fish and he said let’s have a move so we moved out in to the middle of the lake and instantly my line locked up again with a cracking fully finned trout, one that must have been in there over the last few months. Next cast again the line locked up but instantly gave way. After a few more casts it seemed we’d fished all we could with sailers and speed boats taking residence. Kieron wanted to move again along the gabions and on to the Laurence’s where Kieron again picked up another fish but this time it was a very old fish around the 3lb mark with a huge tail bigger than the fishes head. The fish down the bottom end were tricky, with a lot of angling pressure, so we moved back down to the dam where I picked up a small but another old fish on the nymphs. Kieron took a few more at the dam, colourful boobies and drab diawls between was the cast.

Royal Welsh Show 2012

27 07 2012

Every year in the Welsh Game Fair I enter the Royal Welsh Casting Pairs Grand Final heat and I was lucky enough to qualify for the 3rd year in a row and yesterday saw me at the Royal Welsh show after winning my place in the heat last month at the game fair. Yesterday was a boiling day nearly hitting 30 degrees and many people were taken to hospital with sun stroke so as you can tell it was a pretty warm day.  After getting there I had a good talk with some very good anglers and some very good friends such as the guru himself Moc Morgan who is a great inspiration to me. Half past one came and Hywel Morgan was bringing the rods out ready for the competition. The competition is done in pairs and in consists of 3 different types of Fly casting Trout Accuracy which was casting in to rings then Trout distance which is pretty simple who can cast a single hand rod the furthest and the last part was salmon distance. After the draw was made I was paired with Wayne Lewis I have seen him a few times before but never spoke to Wayne so I have made a new friend in the competition, after the draw I though all odd were on last year’s champion Dai Rickets and Ian Yanto Jones both good anglers and good casters. 1st of all I was chose to start on the trout distance and Wayne would start on the Trout accuracy so we both started off with a great round with Wayne having 18 hoops and me having the longest trout cast of the day so at this point Wayne and I were very happy so I moved on to the accuracy and Wayne moved over to the distance platform I hit 17 hoops and Wayne did well on the distance so and this point we knew we had a good chance of being in the money and it all came down to the salmon casting and me being a trout competition angler it’s not very often I get the chance I get to swing a 15ft 10wt around anyway after I was watching some of the men casting a very long line with it I was on last and my cast before last I threw a nice line and the backing got a little tangle and once I had undone the knot I pulled 5 more yards of backing off and picked the line up with 20 seconds to go I cast and with that very last cast it was the longest cast of the day. So it came to the time that everyone was waiting for the results and when Hywel came to announcing 3rd place he said this is why Lewis’s last cast was so important that it made Ian jones and Dai Rickets get put in 3rd place and put Wayne and I in 2nd place , that’s the best cast I have ever done in my opinion because it made me and Wayne £100 richer so after all this very good news and congratulations of everyone I found out that I had also won the Royal Welsh Fly Dressing Championship 2012 so £100 up and a nice silver plate to take home was not all that bad.

All I hope now if I can keep my luck up in Ireland next week in the youth home international match and if you know anything about lough Owel could you please inform me and I would be very grateful by text if possible 07805550774, I will update my blog now next week with pictures from Ireland the royal welsh and a trip sea trout fishing on the river Teifi last weekend


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What have I been up to

21 06 2012

Firstly I do apologise for not sitting down and typing a blog for a while but I just have not had the time. Well what have I been doing or what haven’t I been doing is the question. The last few weeks I have been up to my neck in competition fishing as there is no better way to compeer your standard of fishing to someone else’s. I kicked of my first comp of the year at Garnffrwd Trout fishery Near Carmarthen In south Wales at the Airflo World Bank Maters Competition held by Iain Barr, the competition was a very interesting one as it was all catch and release and was all pegged meaning that you drew several numbers and they would be your pegs for the day not quite something I’m used to considering I’m normally in a boat in a 400 acre lake but anyways on to the fishing. The match fished very tough for me anyway as I lost 4 fish and had 7 better than some but not quite where I wanted to be. Top rod was a good friend of mine Chris Jones for Llanelli and Chris drew his favourite peg (lucky bugger) but Chris fished the match very well without any blanks in any session I think. The method that won it was pulling a blue damsel as fast as you can on an intermediate line that was the way to go. Chris finished with 13 fish and I finished with 7 putting me in 5th place. A grate event and if held next year I shall be trying again to get in to the final , Fair play to Iain Barr a grate heat was held but not forgetting the huge amount of effort that Jamie at Garnffrwd puts in to every match that is held at Garnffrwd. Sorry I have no photos of the match its self but here is a fish I caught during the practise day  

Then from here it was on to the Inter teams at llandegdedd near Cwmbran not too far away from Newport. For those of you who don’t know what the Inter teams it is a competition held by W.S.T.A.A for all the members of each Welsh International Fly Fishing teams. It was a great match and some of the well-known anglers found it a tough match so coming in with two fish I was quite happy with as it was a very good laugh with my boat partner Tom. The tactic for the day was to try and get your two boobies as close to the bottom of the lake as quick as possible and try and keep them there with a very slow retrieve the equipment for the job was a 10ft 8 weight  Airflo Airlite Nan-Tec  Competition rod , matched up with Di8/7 competition Fly line from Airflo , here is one of the fish from the match

After this I returned to Llandegfedd a few more times for practise and one fishtec league match for the Welsh Hawks. Very recently meaning last week I have had some fishing which is out of this world  the Welsh Youth Fly Fishing Team decided to take a trip to Clywedog not too far away from Elan Valley in mid wales after being offered a  practise day by the fishery manager Russell Owen  preparing for the home International  at lough Owel Ireland.  The team was meeting at the lake at 8.45 AM so that meant I would have to leave Llanelli at 6.30 AM but it was well worth it. We finely found the lake after heading up and down a mountain in a very thick fog, I set up with a Airflo Stream Tec Nan Tec 10ft 4/5# with a Airflo Ridge double taper 4# fly line which is  a perfect set up for fishing the dry fly , the rod it soft enough to set the hook and stiff enough to put out a nice line and lift it off again , I set up with a 20 foot leader of 6lb Airflo G3 with two flies a black shuttlecock size 12 and a size 14 black foam back beetle on the dropper. We motored out   about 50 yard from the jetty and as soon as my flies hit the water I got snapped not concentrating on the flies , I was set up again same flies and leader and  10 minutes later I had my first Clywedog Rainbow in the boat .

A nice fish of around 2lb , after this the lake went through a dead spell and we felt that it was time for a move so we headed about half a mile down to where we felt a nice warm wind and no sun and It was like a shoal of tuna in one corner there must have been 100+ fish all feeding on the  Coch-y-Bondhu  (Beetle) and Cow duns which were blowing on from the field , I fished Clywedog  twice that weekend and had more than 60 fish to the boat here’s a few of them.

A big thank you to Russell Owen for inviting the team up there and Clywedog is now one of my favourite fisherys , the work that goes in to Clywedog to keep it as good as it is huge and if you have never fished Clywedog before I highly recommend it its fishing out of this world

First Day On A Baot This year

26 02 2012

My alarm clock started to sing at 5.45AM this morning and I was straight out of bed and putting my clothes on and tying a few extra flies for the long day ahead of me, 7 o clock came and mike my old friend drove on to my drive and I was out putting all my gear in to the car and off we went to Llys y fran reservoir in Pembrokeshire west wales. We were at Llys y fran by around 8AM nice and early for a good old welsh breakfast it was time to get ready. There was little wind by the dam (where the boat shed is) and the temperature was rising nicely from about 2⁰C to about 10-12⁰C here is a photo of good friend and Coach, Welsh international Mark Thomas

So we all started to set up and talking some other anglers and friends that we haven’t seen since last year, my set up was pretty simple my rod choice was my new Airflo Airlite Nantec Competition special loaded with the new Airflo Sixth Sense Competition fly line which has a di 8 head and di 7 back which goes down like a tonne of bricks which is what you want this time of year as the fish a freshly stoked and go down to the bottom of the lake. I used Airflo Sightfree Extreme tipped in 7lb which is a very strong and reliable 7lb, the flies I used were two boobies a black and green viva type on the point and an orange sparkler on the top dropper. So it was off down to the boat to set up my boat seat which I think is very imported in boat fishing as it keeps you comfy and high up in the boat which is very important in a boat because my average day boat fishing is 7 hours long so I want to be comfortable and high up so I can see what everyone else is doing, the seat I use is called the TLD boat seat made by Airflo.


So we started by around 9o’clock and Alan (my boat partner for the day) and I started fishing opposite the boat house on the corner of the meadow which is normally a very good spot but after 30 minutes of fishing the meadows, the wind started to pick up and I dropped one fish so I thought it was time to move so I drove to boat to the middle of the lake on the side of the bird Hutt and seeing two guys hooking up at the same time so I knew then that there was a shoal of trout under their boat , I saw that they were not using a drogue so they were drifting quite fast even though there was not a strong wind so we pulled up 100 yards behind them and put out a drogue so we were going to fish over the same water that they did but twice as slow which gave me more time over the fish , we repeated this drift for 2 hours picking up 17 fish and Alan picked up 4 , I knew I had an advantage over Alan as he had a old di5 which had a bit of stretch in the core but with the new non stretch Sixth Sense series I was feeling every little knock and bump which turned in to a fish at every strike weather you landed the fish was another thing I must of lost at least 10 fish due to the fact I was striking too hard on the fish and they had soft mouths .

After a few hours past with a few fish it was time to pack up for the day and I finished the day with 23 fish and the best being around 3lb so here’s a few pictures of how my day went

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Micro Drys

16 02 2012

Theres a time when we are on a lake or a river watching fish rising , scratching our head thinking well why are the fish not taking my fly , Well this was happening to me down at Garnffrwd yesterday After 3 hours not catching a cold I thought it was time for a coffee and a good look through my fly boxes, I looked at the water and saw a tiny olive landing on the water so I watched it and with in a few seconds up came a nice rainbow , so one fly caught the corner of my eye a size 22 olive emerger type pattern that a good friend Kieron Jenkins gave me in the World Championships last year in Italy , so out it came tied on to 3lb Airflo G3 decreased with some fullers earth, my new Rod the Airflo Airlite Nan Tec 10ft 8#  Competition special was the choice of rod yesterday to punch them drys in to the wind , so I put a cast over a rising fish about 20 yards out and this was the result. 4lb + of pure muscle

Stokiebasher is off to the U.S.A

7 02 2012

In a few weeks I will be heading to Heathrow airport to catch a 9 hour flight  out to the sunshine state , Florida I shall be going to Orlando and I can not wait , between I will be like a big kid wanting to go on the big rides in the Disney theme parks I will also be hoping to throw a line in to the flats of the sandy beaches hoping for a bonefish or a redfish either one i will be happy with on my 10ft #8 here is one my mate Russel Owen former world champion sent me     I can’t wait now , I’ll be posting again soon it might not be till the end of February as I will be doing some stokiebashing on open day at Llys y Fran

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